Talus Board

Beware of imitations!

The talar board was designed and developed by Allison McLean in 2000. This device was developed to enhance dorsiflexion in post ankle sprain and post surgical ankles. The talar board uses the manual therapy principles of “mobilization with motion” to actively create a posterior glide to the talus in the talocrural joint complex. This posterior glide of the talus is imperative to the proper biomechanics of the ankle joint to be able to dorsiflex or squat.

Effective scar mobilization of this joint requires regular mobilization sessions.

The talar board allows patients to effectively gain motion safely.

Indications: to increase closed kinetic chain dorsiflexion of the talocrural joint.

Post surgical and post injury of the ankle joint can cause scar tissue and improper biomechanics of the ankle joint (talocrural joint) and subsequently loss of range of motion in dorsiflexion or “squat”.

Specifications: designed for all foot and ankle sizes.
Canvas strapping for durability and optimum force production to increase the posterior arthrokinematic glide necessary for closed kinetic chain dorsiflexion. Neoprene inset to disperse forces across skin for comfort.


  • Not to be used if the distal tibiofibular joint has internal fixation between the distal tibiofibular joint.
  • Excessive use can cause hypermobility.
  • Patients with Plantar fascia and spring ligament rupture or dysfunction should use an arch support or orthotic when using this device.