Through mobilisation, manipulation, exercise, manual therapy and other evidence based techniques, Physiotherapy aims to restore normal function to patients suffering a wide range of injuries, or pain.

Physiotherapy is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of injuries involving the neuromusculoskeletal system.

NEURO – Nerves

MUSCULO – Muscles and Tendons

SKELETAL – Bones, Joints, Cartilage and Ligaments

Damage to one of these structures may result in pain, ‘pins and needles’/numbness, swelling, bruising, stiffness or weakness. The Physiotherapist’s role is to establish which structure has been damaged and, ideally, how it was damaged. By understanding what caused the injury we can focus on treating it and prevent the injury from recurring.

In addition to spending time listening to each patient’s recount of their injury, we perform numerous diagnostic tests to determine both the nature and the probable cause of the injury. Then, according to which structures have been damaged, the physiotherapist may use their hands to mobilise stiff joints and/or release tight muscles, provide a program of exercises to strengthen weak structures, and advise as to what activities to do or to avoid in order to accelerate recovery.

The principal focus of treatment is then on restoring normal, symmetrical, pain-free movement. And, because it is ‘abnormal’ asymmetrical movement that often leads to injury, Peak Performance Physiotherapy can prevent injury by identifying and correcting such movement asymmetries.

Whether you are rehabilitating from surgery, have developed pain through overuse, or have suffered an acute injury, why not get in touch and get better, faster.

Our Physiotherapists, will help you get quickly on the road to recovery

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Whistler Community Services Physiotherapy Assistance provides financial support for residents who qualify that are recovering from an injury. More info

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