Optimize comfort • Improve performance • Prevent injuries

Proper bike fitting decreases the chance of injury and allows you to enjoy cycling while performing your best whether you are riding recreationally or competing at a world class level.

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Who should have a bike fit?
Anyone looking to optimize power, endurance and efficiency on a bike.
Bike fitting is for people riding triathlon, road or cross country mountain bikes.
Those who currently have an injury or are looking for injury prevention.

What will I get out of it?
You will learn how to address issues you may have with yourself and your equipment.
We will make necessary changes to the saddle position/height and the pedals/shoes.
Recommendations for set-up changes for injury prevention or optimizing performance.

Who will perform the assessments?
Meghan Curle, one of our registered physiotherapists specially trained and experienced to conduct a professional bike fit. She has received post graduate training specifically for bike fitting and is herself a biking enthusiast.
What are the benefits to having a physiotherapist conduct my bike fit?

Physiotherapists are experts in the assessment, diagnoses and treatment of sports injuries, orthopaedic and spinal conditions.
Physiotherapists employ a comprehensive biomechanical approach, looking at the underlying causes of the injury, not just the injured part.

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