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Superior Tib Fib Brace

This brace was Designed and developed in Whistler by Allison McLean in 2006 after seeing this injury in many sports and active working injuries. Current braces available were inefficient and did not allow for proper arthrokinematics and biomechanics of this joint and it’s interaction with the knee joint. After many case studies research and effectiveness studies using the Pedar system to determine actual forces that the brace provided during movement, it was patented in 2010.

This brace is intended for superior fibular joint subluxations/dislocations that can cause anterior and posterior lateral knee pain and loss of range of motion of the knee joint.

Can also be used in severe inversion ankle sprains where the inferior tibiofibular syndesmotic joint is disrupted and there is fibular displacement as this brace stabilizes the fibula. More info

Talus Board

The talar board was designed and developed by Allison McLean in 2000. This device was developed to enhance dorsiflexion in post ankle sprain and post surgical ankles. The talar board uses the manual therapy principles of “mobilization with motion” to actively create a posterior glide to the talus in the talocrural joint complex. This posterior glide of the talus is imperative to the proper biomechanics of the ankle joint to be able to dorsiflex or squat. The talar board allows patients to effectively gain motion safely.

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Ergobaum Crutches and ErgoCap

Light weight, foldable ergonomic forearm crutches with multiple features built in. Great for travelling.

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