Mat Pilates

Peak Performance offers Pilates through private, semiprivate and clinical mat series. For current availability, program start dates and prices contact Peak Performance.

peak performance physio- mat pilates

Clinical Mat Series – These four week programs focus on re-educating the body through consistent practice and progressive sessions. The 8 x 60min classes will introduce a variety of exercises, allowing participants to recognize stable muscle engagement and a body that operates with core support and ideal postural alignment. Mat and small props are used. Max. 4 participants allows for one-on-one attention in a group setting. Preregistration required.


Reformer Private Sessions – An individualized session where you work one-on-one with the instructor using the Reformer, mat and small props. Each session is individualized to meet the clients needs and personal fitness goals. Private sessions will give the client the best results and clients are encouraged to take private sessions whenever possible. Private sessions are 60mins in length.


Semi-Private Sessions – A duet session involves two clients with one instructor utilizing a range of Pilates apparatus (including Reformer, mat and small props). It is a great way to stay motivated while still getting a workout tailored to your needs. Duet sessions are 60mins in length.

Please contact the clinic for dates and costs.

Real time ultrasound assessment of the abdominal and spinal
musculature to ensure that the classes target ³the core² is done at the
start of the program.