Reece Wallace – Mountain Biker

UPDATE: Reese credits Peak Performance with putting him back together each and every time he crashes. To really get an idea of the work involved, Reese sent along some videos of his crashes! Yikes!!

Check these out.

Pinkbike put up a wicked vid of Reese riding. We thought you guys would love it! Check it out here.

Injuries are an inevitable part of mountain biking and other action sports. Finding the fastest and most effective methods to recovery are imperative in keeping on top and being able to return to your sport as fast as possible. I can confidently say from experience that the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Peak Performance Physio and Massage Therapy will get you back doing what you love faster than you ever imagined. Having the support of the experienced staff behind me really helped build my confidence on my bike to continue to push my own limits without having to worry about the limits of my body. Every time I visit Peak Performance, I know I am taken care of.

Reece Wallace – December 2011 on

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