Ptor Spricenieks – Skier

We’re really excited to add Ptor to our list of sponsored athletes! Scroll down to read about Ptor and check out his, very cool, albeit somewhat startling, pics!

Peak Performance whistler PtorX-Ray-1

Although I make my family home in LA Grave, France at the moment, Whistler remains ‘home’ all the same as my roots of skiing in the mountains that has taken me on all kinds of incredible adventures, began here back in 1988.

Allison McLean has been my magic physio for nearly as long and her range of skills and knowledge remain unequalled in treating the effects of my continual charging in the mountains.

There’s nobody I trust more than Allison’s body work and she finds a solution to the imbalance to keep me going every time I return to town. Thanks Allison!!!

You can see more of Ptor’s info on his website here.