Physio – Allison Schneider

Registered Physiotherapist

Allison attained an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph. Her interests in biomechanics and neurophysiology led her to pursue her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at Queen’s University, graduating in 2010. Allison has extensive experience with acute and chronic orthopedic injuries while working at various sport medicine clinics in Whistler, Vancouver, Toronto and Kingston. Allison has worked with a variety of athletes from the weekend warrior to professional triathletes and Big Mountain skiers.

Allison uses biomechanics and global functional assessment to treat the symptoms of an injury and progress the body to an optimal level of efficiency, strength and endurance, following an injury. Allison has continued education in intramuscular stimulation, acupuncture, manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, vestibular and concussion assessment and treatment. She has an interest and experience working with many individuals with acute concussions and post-concussion syndrome in returning to sport, work and daily life

Allison Schneider – B.Sc. MPT