Massage – Kathryn Lord

Registered Massage Therapist.

Kathryn graduated from the WCCMT in Vancouver, in 1990.

Since then she has been practicing as an RMT in Whistler. Kathryn’s desire to expand her knowledge took her to Melbourne Australia, where she
obtained degrees in Bachelor of Chiropractic science and Bachelor of Clinic science.

Other courses she has taken include; cranial-sacral, TMJ, sports massage, Reflexology, Reiki Masters, and Shiatsu level 1. She is currently working toward her CST.

Kathryn has worked with many different teams including; US men’s and woman’s Alpine, Bundoora Football club, Fijian Rugby, Para Olympic athletes and other pro athletes. She has travelled and worked all over the world.
She has worked in Australia, Mayalisa, Maui, Hong Kong and Croatia.

Kathryn extensive knowledge and passion to help others, has helped her specialize and treat many different musculosketal conditions.

Kathryn enjoys skiing, travelling, the great outdoors, biking and watching hockey.