Physio – Allison McLean

Registered Physiotherapist 

Consistently voted Whistler’s Best Physiotherapist in Pique NewsMagazine’s Best of Whistler poll, Allison has had the honour of treating everyone from Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Royal Ballet to itty, bitty babies.

Her love of skiing coupled with the fact that a ski town has a never-ending supply of people in need of help made Whistler a perfect fit for her to establish her practice.

Allison’s philosophy and recipe for success is simple: “Treating people effectively is only the start.  If I educate somebody about what’s hurting them to the point where they can leave here and tell someone else what’s wrong with them, I’ve done my job.  It relieves their anxiety and empowers them to help themselves get better.”

Throughout her professional life Allison has constantly taken any opportunity to learn more about her profession even traveling to Sydney, Australia to pursue a Masters in Applied Physiotherapy in 1999.

Since that time she’s added acupuncture, intramuscular stimulation and rehabilitative Pilates to her arsenal of treatments.

She applied for and received a patent on a knee brace she designed and currently sits as Clinical Education Coordinator for the University of British Columbia School of Rehabilitation Medicine.   “I want a big toolbox I can draw on to treat my patients.”

Allison still finds the parade of friends and strangers who limp in to see her and walk out with a spring in their step and a smile on their face the very best part of her job.

Allison McLean – BSc (Hons), HSPT, MSc, MP, CAMPT, CAFCI Acupuncture, GIMS, MCPA,  Vestibular Rehab