Baseline Testing

What is a concussion baseline test and why is it important?

A baseline concussion test is a series of tests completed before the season (while healthy) to assess all areas of brain function. In the event of a suspected concussion, these measures can be used for the diagnosis of a concussion, which treatments are required and more importantly, to determine when the brain has fully recovered and the athlete is safe to return to sport. Without these measures, even the best of doctors cannot make an accurate return-to-play decision following a concussion and may be putting an athlete at risk for further complications.

Peak Performance Physiotherapy is part of the Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) clinic network which allows you access to these baseline results and proper follow-up care in almost every city in Canada. Their new app can be downloaded to view your results, find CCMI clinics, and learn recovery tips, all from your smartphone! If a concussion occurs, your app will convert into a rehab tool where you can view prescribed rehab exercises and report your daily symptoms to your CCMI clinic.

Our baseline concussion test is covered by secondary heath benefits, this means you may be eligible to receive full or partial reimbursement. Book your baseline today and ensure your brain will remain healthy!